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Shipping to a Trade Show is more demanding than many other transportation needs - we get that !!


IAG Solutions has partnered with Transportation companies that understand what is required for successful Trade Show shipping.

* 25 years in the industry * Over 500 dedicated Transport professionals * 20 offices world wide

Combined with the local knowledge of Venues and Events that our installation team brings to the table, your Trade Show shipment will never be in better hands

Accountability - Consistency - Reliability

Advance warehouses; Direct to Show Site;   Marshaling Yards; Drayage; Mountain passes; Ferry schedules; Hotel and Exhibit Hall loading docks.  There is a lot to think about when it comes to getting your exhibit to the show on time....and back!

Not every Shipping company understands the challenges that are faced when caring for Trade Show shipping.  And let's face it - a cheap price does not mean much when you are standing in an empty exhibit space wondering where your booth is !!